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To represent the beauty and value of nature in my artwork and never take it for granted. 

We must  make time to notice the intricacies of the life around us. 

Inner Thoughts

I found a love for art through my mother who would play music and hum while painting with water colors. She always allowed us the freedom of creativity.  Art was also nurturing in the way it meant a time of emotional safety.  Our home was peaceful during these afternoons when my father was not present. Born on the coast, the lush temperate forests with their grand array of mosses and ferns have always held an allure, though I spent the majority of my rearing years age 8-25 in Northern B.C equally beautiful with it's diverse terrain. Autumn on our property was an especially favorite time; I remember fondly the smells of pine upon the fresh cool air, seas of dancing golden aspen leaves, exploring beaver ponds and the long awaited reprieve from the swarms of blood sucking insects.  

I reflect now that life seemed full of possibility in younger years as I dreamed of the future.  Now as I age,  time seems to be more fleeting every year. With a visually artistic mind, my thoughts are often in 3 places at once; past, present and future.  They are vivid, tangible almost. Sometimes they are full of beauty and joy and others  delve below the surface with equal richness of emotions. It is my life's challenge to maintain an open heart amidst the raw pains that life can present, to stay enchanted with the worlds lighter side and be present in the moment when our toes may be sinking into the wet, cold darkness.

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